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HIV/AIDS continues to pose a threat globally. Its impact on international peace and security has led to significant challenges to development and social progress. Militaries are a highly vulnerable group due to the work environment, mobility and length of time spent from home. These factors encourage risk taking behaviours. The Guyana Defence Force (GDF) recognises the seriousness of a HIV/AIDS epidemic and its impact on the work place and endorses the promotion of abstinence, safe sex, fidelity marriage and strengthening of the family structures and family values as effective lifestyle patterns against the spread of HIV in the work place. The GDF will also support all national efforts to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and minimise the impact of this disease.


The purpose of this policy is to ensure a consistent and equitable approach to the prevention of HIV/AIDS among employees. More specifically, the Guyana Defence Force HIV/AIDS GDF-HAPP policy is set out to:

  • Ensure the continued readiness and deployability of the GDF.

  • Preserve the health of our officers/ranks/civilians employees and their families by identifying early signs.

  • Provide appropriate counseling and Medical Treatment to HIV infected employees.

  • Maintain superb fitness of officers and ranks for military duty.

  • Protect our employees who are living with HIV/AIDS, from stigma and discrimination in the work place.

  • Educate members of the GDF on the prevention and reduction of HIV/ AIDS.

  • Encourage voluntary testing for members of the GDF.

  • Develop and enforce a high level of confidentiality.