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These standing orders have been written to ensure adherence to fixed established logistics practices within the GDF. They have also been done to guide logistics personnel within the GDF and to establish common practices throughout the Force. This is the first step to ensuring that we have fixed, common procedures within the logistics system. These standard operating procedures combined with our creative abilities and initiatives, will assist to create an improved logistics environment within the Force, which will ensure a better supported GDF.

[accordion width="660"] [item title="Part 1 - Introduction"]

  • Responsibilities

[/item] [item title="Part 2 – Acquisition Of Stores"] The procedures to be carried out when it is decided by DHQ that items of stores will be acquired from overseas suppliers.

  • Local Purchase By Cheque Order
  • Purchases From Petty Cash
  • Local Purchases From The Imprest In Excess Of Twenty Thousand Dollars($20,000.00)

[/item] [item title="Part 3 – Stocking The Bond And The Central Stores"]

  • Storage And Accounting
    •  Goods Received Books

[/item] [item title="Part 4 – Issues From The Central Stores"]

  • Unit Demands
  • Direct Issues
  • Goods Received Books

[/item] [item title="Part 5 – Receipts In Unit Stores"]

  • Deficiencies
  • Unserviceable Stores And Stores Of Inferior Quality

[/item] [item title="Part 6 – Issues To Department/Sub-Unit Stores"]

  • Initial Issues
    •  In Unit Stores
    •  In Department/Sub-Unit Stores
  • Individual Initial Issues
  • Exchanges
  • Issues After Surcharge
  • Temporary Loan
  • Clearance Of Account
  • Classification
  • Issues
  • Inventories
  • Handover
  • Barrack Damages

[/item] [item title="Part7 - Expendable Stores"]

  • Classification
  • Issues From The Central Store Or Formation Store

[/item] [item title="Part 8 – Ration"]

  • System
  • Receipts In The Ration Store 5 Service Support Battalion
  • Bulk Demands
  • Daily Feeding
  • Issues To Interior Locations

[/item] [item title="Part 9 - Petrol, Oils And Lubricants"]

  • Bulk Storage Or Liquid Fuel
  • Fuel Containers

[/item] [item title="Part 10 – Ammunition"]

  • Ammunition
  • Categories
  • Expenditure Of Ammunition
  • Responsibilities
  • Entitlement
  • Accounting
  • Unit Demand Procedure
  • Clearance Of Ammunition Indent
  • Disposal Of Unserviceable Ammunition
  • Private Ammunition
  • Ammunition Incidents
  • Storage

[/item] [item title="Part 11 – Location Stores Accounting"] This section applies to any part of a unit operating independently, Away from its Administrative Headquarters.

  • Accounting
  • Movement Of Stores Between Locations
  • Close Down

[/item] [item title="Part 12 – Write Off Of Stores"] See inside document for details. [/item] [item title="Part 13 – Standing Orders For Drivers"]

  • Persons Authorised To Drive G.D.F. Vehicles
  • Relief Driver
  • Reporting For Duty And Routes
  • Speed Limits And Traffic Signs
  • Passengers And Loads
  • Recovery And Spare
  • Accident Procedure
  • Breakdown Procedure
  • Towing

[/item] [item title="Part 14 - Passenger And Cargo Flights To Guyana Defence Force Locations And Other Locations"] See inside document for table. [/item] [item title="Part 15 - Drugs To Be Available At Various Medical Centres"] See inside document for table. [/item] [item title="Part 16 - Processing Of Warrants For Gdf Locations"] See inside document for details. [/item] [item title="Part 17 - Considerations For The Setting Up Of A Forward Maintenance Area/Base (Fma)"] See inside document for details. [/item] [item title="Part 18 - Ration Scale For The Issuing Of Dry And Fresh Ration"]

  • Routine
  • Operational
  • Field Tactical Exercise
  • Routine Ration Scale
  • Operational Ration Scale
  • Field Tactical Exercise Ration Scale

[/item] [item title="Part 19 – Standing Orders For 5 Service Support Battalion"]

  • Commanding Officer
  • The Administrative Officer
  • The Unit Security Officer
  • Ammunition Technical Officer
  • IC Purchasing Department
  • IC Expeditor Cell 
  • IC LPO/RTP Section
  • LPO/RTP Clerk
  • LPO/RTP Clerk (Pol)
  • Expediter
  • IC Finance Cell
  • IC Stock Control Department 
  • Ledger Clerks
  • RQMS
  • IC Bond
  • NCO In-Charge of a Store
  • Ordnance Stores Storeman/Woman
  • OC Ration Store
  • IC Dry Ration Store
  • IC Fresh Ration Store
  • The Ration Storeman
  • Butchers
  • Pol Store/Dump NCO
  • Supervisor Tailor Shop
  • Tailors
  • IC Cutting Shop
  • Cutters
  • IC Ammunition Depot
  • 2IC Ammo Depot
  • Ammunition Storeman
  • Armourer
  • Refrigeration Technician

[/item] [/accordion]