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[item title="Section 1 - Tasks and Responsibilities"]

  • The purpose of this policy is to OUTLINE the procedures to be observed and the medical benefits to which members of the Force and authorised users are entitled.

[/item] [item title="Section 2 - Facilities and Entitlement to Care"]

  • Ambulatorial and First Aid medical services are provided through this policy at all GDF locations.

[/item] [item title="Section 3 - Beneficiaries of Medical and Dental Care"]

  • Active members
  • Permanent Civilians
  • Casual civilians
  • Veterans
  • Retired Chiefs of Staff
  • Levels of Care

[/item] [item title="Section 4 - Medical Examinations"]

  • Potential Officer Cadets, Recruits and Civilians enlisting in the GDF are required to present a current stool test result and chest X-ray report on the day of their medical examination (from an authorised medical institution) which consist of:
    • Physical
    • Laboratory
  • Overseas Medical Examinations
  • Interior Deployment
  • Sportsmen/ Women
  • SUS
  • Medicals
  • BMI
  • Civilians and Reservists
  • Standards
  • Private Consultation and Treatment
  • Private Medical Treatment
  • Treatment by Unqualified Practioners

[/item] [item title="Section 5 - Medical Insurance"]

A Medical Insurance policy will be established between North American Life Insurance Company (NALICO) and the GDF. This scheme is meant to supplement the limited care offered by the GDF and the National Insurance Scheme, it will not replace NIS but will enhance the level of medical care given to the members of the Force and their dependants. The two insurance schemes viz NIS and NALICO are meant to compliment each other to guarantee not more than a hundred percent (100%) refund of medical expenses. This means that the same receipt cannot be produced to both agencies for payment of the same value.

[/item] [item title="Section 6 - Hospitalisation"]

An Officer or OR who becomes injured while on active duty, must be examined by the Force Medical Officer. If, in the opinion of the Force Medical Officer, the Officer or other rank requires specialist treatment, he/she will be provided with Secondary Health Care. That is referral to a specialist identified by the Force Medical Officer or the Chief Medical Officer Ministry of Health.

  • External Hospitalisation
  • Hospital Visiting
  • Specialist Doctors

[/item] [item title="Section 7 - Medical Board"]

A medical board is the association of two or more medical officers called upon by an appropriate authority to render a joint report on the medical condition of an individual.  

  • Composition
  • Procedures
  • Special Medical Board

[/item] [item title="Section 8 - Patient Administration"]

  • Confidentality: Patient Records
  • Disclosure To Patients
  • Disciplinary Action
  • Complaints By Patients
  • Patients Under Close Arrest
  • Patient Pass
  • Discharge Of Patient
  • Sick Leave
  • Sick Reporting Procedures
  • Sick Report For Non-Employees
  • Random Drug Testing

[/item] [item title="Section 9 - Quality of Life Standards"]

  • Inspection Of Accommodation
  • Ventilation And Lighting
  • Barracks Accommodations
  • Water Supplies
  • Food And Cooking
  • Cleaning And Drinking Utensils
  • Inoculation And Vaccination
  • Infectious Disease Or Unusual Outbreak Of Sickness
  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • Blood Donation And Grouping
  • Disaster Preparedness

[/item] [item title="Section 10 - HIV/AIDS Policy"]

  • Testing Procedures
  • Counselling
  • Confidentiality
  • Medical Responsibilities
  • Personnel Policies
  • Concealment Of Medical History On Enlistment

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