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This pamphlet is to help Officers and Other Ranks understand their rights under military law when arrested for or charged with an offence under the Defence Act Chapter 15:01. It also outlines the rights guaranteed to all persons under the Constitution of Guyana and under the Human Rights that are contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Commanding Officers and sub-unit commanders are urged to explain these rights to their ranks and ensure their soldiers receive the necessary protection guaranteed by these rights.

Commanders are advised that these rights are to be enforced in a fair and consistent manner. The Rights of the Servicement involves the following:
  • Rights Of Officers And Other Ranks Charged With An Offence Under The Defence Act Chapter 15:01
  • Investigation And Summary Dealing By CO
  • Investigation And Summary Dealing By ASA
  • Review Of Summary Dealings
  • Trial By Court Martial
  • Rights Guaranteed Under The Constitution Of Guyana
  • Enforcement Of These Rights
  • Human Rights
  • Enforcement Of Human Rights