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This TRAINING DOCTRINE of the GUYANA DEFENCE FORCE is the authoritative document that provides the training philosophy, the principles and the guidelines that will be used to plan and conduct individual and collective training. For clarity, the Guyana Defence Force includes the Reserve Force now operating as 2 Infantry Battalion. The doctrine has been forged on the anvil of the Force’s experience and study, and will inform how the Force trains to achieve its role in today’s contemporary operating environment. It is a living document and will always suffer changes and modifications. Training continues to be the most important peace-time activity of the Force, and it will always be the lifeblood of any military institution. It is the cornerstone of our readiness; therefore, if it has an incorrect focus or is badly conducted, it will be ineffective and the Force will be incapable of performing its role. Commanders at all levels are therefore to be guided by the spirit of this doctrine whenever they are required to plan or conduct training. In the employment of this doctrine, Commanders must utilize their “creative intelligence” of knowing when to apply the doctrine and when to become innovative so as to achieve the doctrinal intent. This is the doctrine of the Guyana Defence Force that is to be applied throughout by all Units and Departments.  This training doctrine takes effect from January 2010.

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[item title="Part 1 - Training Philosophy"]

  • Introduction
    •  Aim
    •  Why We Train
    •  Training Principles Of The Gdf
    •  Training Influencers
    •  Training For Role
    •  Role Of The Commander In Training
    •  Performance Oriented Training
    •  Planning And Unit Assessment
    •  Training Execution


[item title="Part 2 - Training Processes"]

  •  Force Training Directive
  •  Force Training Cycle
  •  Officers And Other Ranks Training Concept
  •  All Arms And Specialist-To-Arms Training
  •  Organisation Of Schools
  •  Units/Departments Training Courses
  •  Common Military Syllabus
  •  Force Operations And Administration Manual
  •  Reserve Training
  •  Officer Training
  •  Other Rank Training


[item title="Part 3 - Training Policies"]

  •  Instructor Qualification
  •  Training Inspectorate
  •  Training Evaluation And Standards
  •  Badging
  •  Statecraft Partnership Training
  •  Training With Foreign Armed Forces
  •  Rating Of Skilled Officers And Other Ranks
  •  Military Core Specialty
  •  Training Derivative Licences (Tdl)
  •  Individual Development Training
  •  Core Military Skills (Cms)
  •  Competitions
  •  Academic Education Training
  •  Force Fitness Standards
  •  Annual Personal Weapons Test Classification
  •  Force Training Requirements On Training Courses