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The vision of this Policy is to have a Force which consists of a body of highly motivated members, enabled by a welfare support system that inspires them to perform at the highest level in every area of administration, operations and training. This policy is designed to provide the members of the Guyana Defence Force with clear definitions, directions and guidelines on the responsibilities and procedures for welfare related matters and activities in the Force.

[accordion width="660"] [item title="Welfare Support"]

Strategies and Initiatives:
  • Developing human capacity to provide effective welfare support.
  • Creation and distribution of welfare handbooks, pamphlets to inform members of welfare assistance and support.
  • Developing a welfare support hotline number that ensures twenty four hours support to GDF community and their entitled families.
  • Updating military website to facilitate the creation and maintenance of a welfare interface.

[item title="Counselling"]

Strategies and Initiatives:
  • Implementing the principles of confidentiality and equality as being core in counselling.
  • Establishing a counselling program that has education, training and continued support as its essential elements.
  • Practicing developmental counselling.

[item title="Confidentiality"]

Strategies and initiatives:
  • Ensuring access to areas, departments or offices containing confidential information is restricted to authorised personnel only.
  • Strengthening data security on welfare matters by ensuring security measures are upheld at all times.
  • Ensuring filing cabinets containing welfare information are secured when not in use.
  • Ensuring that welfare information stored on computer database are protected from unauthorised access.
  • Promoting secured movement of welfare information by means of sealed envelopes.
  • Encouraging communication between sender and receiver of welfare information.

[item title="Responsibilities for Welfare Activities"]

Strategies and initiatives:
  • Ensuring welfare responsibilities are not delegated or disregarded.
  • Ensuring performance of welfare responsibilities.
  • Developing mechanisms to evaluate performance of welfare responsibilities.

[item title="Morale, Welfare and Recreational Activities"]

Strategies and Initiatives:
  • -Developing morale, welfare and recreational programs to encourage high standards of physical fitness and morale.
  • -Implementing recreational activities to build team work and cooperation.
  • -Emphasising intramural sports such as football, basketball, running, volleyball and cricket.
  • -Encouraging group participation in units.
  • -Encouraging the retention of trained GDF members and attraction of new recruits.
  • -Emphasising the importance of the conduct of religious services on every base.
  • -Establishing of a counselling and prayer line to give spiritual guidance and comfort to all members of the Force.

[item title="Breaches of Welfare"]

Strategies and Initiatives:
  • Ensuring that the GDF is educated on social issues such as, drug and substance abuse, sexual harassment, suicide, domestic violence etc.
  • Developing programs that aid GDF members to cope with the stress of military and family life.
  • Strengthening human capacities to assist and support GDF members in addressing social issues.
  • Promoting the principles of cooperation and team work.
  • Promoting counselling programs that target welfare breaches.
  • Encouraging the prevention of welfare breaches within and outside the military community.
  • Indentify and promote factors that improve rather than undermine welfare such as, self respect, self awareness, pastoral support, equal treatment, dignity, nutrition and so forth.
  • Formulating policies on domestic violence, fraternisation, sexual abuse and drug and substance abuse.
  • Establishing family advocacy programs on social issues which affect both military personnel and their families.
  • Ensuring preventive measures are taken to reduce reoccurrence of welfare breaches.
  • Developing programmes that aim to edify members and families on welfare breaches and consequences.
  • Ensuring soldiers are not exploited by Officers for want of promotions or honorary rewards.
  • Ensuring FWD takes a hands- on- approach to welfare breaches.

[item title="Welfare Responses and Operation Procedure"]

Strategies and Initiatives:
  • Ensuring mechanisms are in place for prompt responses.
  • Ensuring operational procedures are followed.
  • Establishing penalties for abuse or blatant disregard of operational procedures.
  • Ensuring that the principle of confidentiality is upheld at all times.
  • Developing and strengthening human capacity to ensure a more effective and efficient FWD.
  • Promoting welfare workshops with the aim of informing COs, OCs and HoDs on operating procedures to be taken in cases of welfare breaches.

[item title="Human Capacity Development"]

Strategies and Interventions:
  • Ensuring that human capacity assessments are conducted among welfare officers.
  • Utilising the results of human capacity assessments as the basis of strengthening human capacity to address welfare responsibilities and welfare activities.
  • Evaluating capacity development efforts and activities.
  • Promoting recruitment, training, accreditation in social work.
  • Creating and continuously strengthening of an enabling FWD.

[item title="Funding and Budgetary Allocations"]

Strategies and Interventions:
  • Development of a budget to support welfare activities.
  • Ensuring there are dedicated funds allocated to support welfare activities.
  • Ensuring that budgets are credible and that resources promised for welfare activities are actually delivered and used for the intended purposes within a given time frame.
  • Developing and integrating reliable systems of monitoring and evaluating the impact of funds utilised for welfare activities.

[item title="Monitoring and Evaluation"]

Strategies and initiatives to be utilised are:

  • Developing, applying and monitoring robust indicators for Policy objectives, strategies and initiatives.
  • Using the experience gained from monitoring to inform the assessment of this Policy.
  • Utilising indicators to measure the outcomes of this Policy and set benchmarks.
  • Ensuring the indicators reflect the effectiveness of the policies, strategies and initiatives and inform further policy development.
  • Ensuring effective review and update the policy as necessary.