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Army honours maj gen (retd) m u atherly for outstanding service

Former Chief- of- Staff of the Guyana Defence Force ( GDF), retired Major General Michael Atherly, MSS, was the privileged guest of the GDF at a special dinner held in his honour at Base Camp Ayanganna.

According to a release from the GDF, Commodore Gary Best, in brief remarks, said that it was a privilege to host a dinner for Atherly, and thanked the former army chief for the yeoman service, which he gave to the GDF and Guyana while serving both nationally, regionally and internationally.

Best noted that the GDF’s acquisition of its flagship, the GDFS Essequibo , was accomplished during Atherly’s tenure. Commodore Best also recollected that Atherly had been his Officer Commanding ( OC) when he was a cadet at the Colonel Ulric Pilgrim Officer School ( CUPOCS).

The commodore said that while Major General Atherly was retired, he will continue to be remembered as an officer, who exemplified leader ship, and a man who did not disregard his humanity.

Atherly thanked the GDF for the significant gesture and the honours bestowed upon him. He said that his tenure with the force had moulded him in several ways and he will always be proud of the men and women in the GDF, as well as those who walked with him during his sojourn. Atherly said too that service to one’s country was the best thing a man could do as it also meant service to his fellow man. He thanked the government of Guyana along with the officers and ranks of the GDF for giving him the opportunity to serve.

Gdf decorates ranks for valuable service

Commodore Gary Best bestows the Border Defence Medal on Cpl Eaton Simpson of Labaria Company at a ceremony held to honour GDF ranks.
Commodore Gary Best bestows the Border Defence Medal on Cpl Eaton Simpson of Labaria Company at a ceremony held to honour GDF ranks.

The Guyana Defence Force (GDF) honoured five officers and 27 other ranks for exemplary service at its 43rd anniversary medals presentation ceremony.

In a press release the GDF said too Chief of Staff Commodore Gary Best also decorated 14 soldiers with Border Defence Medals (BDM) and another 18 earned Military Efficiency Medals (MEM). Best commended them for their invaluable and valued contribution to the army. In his address he said “Individually and collectively, you have provided vital support to this organisation to the extent that you are being recognized at the highest level in the Force.”


He also told the Force that their dedication and hard work has allowed the GDF to fulfil its mandate. “We salute you and hope that others will learn from you and emulate your attitudes and so move toward their own levels of higher achievement….”


Gdf builds bridge for buxton youth centre

The Toucan II Multi-Purpose Club and Youth Centre, of Buxton, now has a new bridge at the entrance of its premises as part of ‘Operation Restore Order’.
The club had requested the assistance of the army to have the bridge constructed, and the army responded in an effort to improve the relationship between the Guyana Defence Force and the Buxton community.
Construction of the bridge came quickly on the heels of the successful conclusion of a jointly-hosted August holiday camp for the children in the area.
Members of the club were high in praise for the four Engineer Battalion soldiers who worked quickly to have the bridge erected.
Ms. Herod, leader of the club, said that she is satisfied with the sturdiness of the bridge, and indicated that it attested to the professionalism and skill of the soldiers.
“With construction of the club’s main facility underway, the bridge was sorely needed, and now we can progress with more speed,” she said.
“While all the preparatory and closing works occurred over a period of one week, the bridge itself was completed in just over two days,” she added.
Eric Phillips, who is integrally involved with the club, has expressed sincere gratitude to the GDF for the bridge.

Gdf hiv/aids programme expands outreaches

Beverly Gomes-Lovell
The medical laboratory at the Guyana Defence Force Ayanganna base has proven to be very instrumental in the fight against the dreaded HIV/AIDS virus, according to HIV/AIDS Field Project Manager Beverly Gomes-Lovell.
Mrs Gomes-Lovell, during an interview with this newspaper, recently disclosed that since its implementation, the laboratory has served to address a number of health issues with a view to ensuring that military personnel are in good health.
The laboratory, she explained, has added to the capacity of the force to incorporate a wider scope of testing capabilities, thus a variety of tests and services are offered to military ranks and civil workers.
And, according to Captain Greasels Hinckson, officer in charge of the Medical Corps, at the moment the laboratory is staffed with one technologist, two laboratory assistants and two phlebotomists, all of whom are military ranks.
Captain Hinckson disclosed that, in order to better their operations within the laboratory, two of the existing staffers have been enrolled into relevant training programmes.