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67 Soldiers sucessfully complete Junior Leaders Course

The Guyana Defence Force Training Corps has produced an additional 67 Junior leaders who are equipped with the necessary skills to lead and administer a section, squad or equivalent in peacetime or combat. The soldiers completed the Junior Leaders Course (JLC) 2017-01 which officially concluded on Wednesday May 5, 2017 at Base Camp Stephenson, Timehri.

The course commenced on February 6, 2016 with sixty- nine (69) students drawn from various Units. During the period, three students had to withdraw for medical reasons while another three were returned to their Units for failing to reach the required standards. Five students joined the course to complete failed modules from the last course.

Training was conducted at the Colonel John Clarke Military School, Tacama, Base Camp Stephenson, Colonel Robert Mitchell Jungle and Amphibious Training School (CRMJATS) and also at Linden where students were exercised in Internal Security .

LCPL Harold Barrow of Procurement Office, Base Camp Ayanganna graduated Best Student and also won the Prize for Best Military Knowledge. LCPL Alciliano Carvajal was the Runner-Up student while LCPLs Devon Nurse and Cleon Jack won the prizes for Best Drill and Best Shot, respectively. LCPL Sean Williams was the Best Fitness Student.

The Course covered a number of areas including Open and Close Country Warfare, Drills, Field Craft, Military History, Skill at Arms ,Signals ,  First Aid, Leadership and Administrations.

The Junior Leaders Course was of a twelve-week duration.